Company Charter 

Our History

The Brightwater Group of Companies has grown from humble beginnings, when in 1979 Leonard Hugh Grey bought a small general engineering fabrication workshop at Brightwater near Nelson in New Zealand. At that time the Company’s five employees serviced the farming and small industrial clients in the Brightwater region.

Hugh, however saw a bigger future for the Company and invested in designing and building his own specialist equipment to service larger industrial clients. He also developed innovative solutions for projects that gained the Company a commercial edge over its rivals. As the size of the projects grew over the years, so did the Company. Gaining repeat work from a loyal band of clients and building a growing list of agencies for overseas technology have also been notable achievements in recent times.

The Company well founded on strong personal character values of trust, honesty and integrity, coupled with a “can-do” attitude and its many enduring commercial and individual relationships, continues to grow and prosper.

The following Mission and Core Values that have formed the basis of the Company’s growth from 1979 are still relevant today to the future success of the Brightwater Group of Companies.

Our Vision

"The stakeholder choice for industrial engineering solutions, services and products."

Our Mission

"To deliver shareholder value by being a leading, innovative engineering solutions provider to Australasia’s energy, industrial and resources sectors, whilst always ensuring the safety of our people and caring for the environment."


  • Courage: Being prepared to think differently, to be innovative and to seek out continuous improvements. Actively resolve any adversity as soon as it arises. Being committed to the Company’s success, no matter what the challenge.
  • Excellence: Achieving superior performance in the delivery of outputs and in the market place. Setting stretched targets and supporting capabilities and technologies to exceed them.
  • Growth: Delivering win-win outcomes that grow value for all stakeholders. Seeking fair returns for the risks involved. Ensuring every action adds value.
  • Integrity: Doing what is said will be done. Achieving both personal and client satisfaction by going the extra mile when necessary. Actively participating in any change that will lead to a better future for all.
  • Respect: Accepting and respecting each other’s differences and diversity. Having pride in the team, as well as the individual. Growing relationships based on honesty, mutual trust and openness.
  • Zero Harm: Having an overriding commitment to a safe and healthy workplace. Encouraging environmental responsibility and supporting sustainable developments within the Company’s communities.