Conveyor Pulleys

Brightwater Engineering provides a complete belt conveyor pulley design and manufacturing service for applications in the materials handling industry.

With a proven track record on projects throughout New Zealand and Australia, Brightwater has standardised designs and manufacturing methods for all driven & non-driven pulleys. Combined with a modern workshop and state of the art CNC manufacturing capabilities, Brightwater can manufacture your next conveyor pulleys.

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The Brightwater Advantage


  • Standard Pulleys:             40 / month
  • Non Standard Pulleys:      40 / month (depending on material)


  • All welding procedures are fully automated to provide consistent quality
  • All Tradesmen used during the construction phase are fully qualified
  • Documented Weld Procedures and weld maps are available upon request


  • All components are manufactured with High Quality Materials (Material Certificates supplied)


  • All pulley specifications and components are adaptable to suit your specifications and budget including:.
    • Shaft Locks
    • Bearings
    • Lagging


  • Brightwater has a reputation throughout Australasia for high quality workmanship
  • All aspects of the business are ISO 9001 accredited
  • Over 200 pulleys were fabricated in 2011 with zero failures


Hubless solid plate end-disc design - Improved fatigue life by elimination of hub to end-disc weld.

Tapered/contoured end-disc designs available.
Shaft design and supply is included, and certified where required.
Robust two-piece flanged friction locking devices utilised for end-disc to shaft connection - Eliminates keyways, improving fatigue life and optimising shaft diameter.
Pulley shell is fabricated from pipe for excellent dimensional control.
Lagging to customer specifications (rubber, ceramic, etc.)
Available as flat, crowned, or with special machining.
Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) between end-disc and shell - Results in a uniform weld profile with excellent penetration control.

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