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BWE10663 Laminex MDF Plant Project Report NZ Address low res

Laminex MDF Plant

Gympie, Queensland Australia

Laminex MDF plant near Gympie, Queensland Australia, required the replacement of their existing G1 Heat Energy Plant, which has been in production over 20 years. The new heat energy plant had to be engineered to have a design life of 20 years, and would require being in production 360 days a year, 24 hours a day, with a target uptime of 99%.

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Fuel Management System

CHH Pine Panels, Oberon, NSW, Australia

The new fuel managment system and heatplant were required to replace a thermal oil heater system that had been completely destroyed by fire in 2000.

The equipment installed by Brightwater included coarse fuel screening, dust screening, a fully enclosed dry fuel push floor bunker and a 90 cubic metre capacity elevated mixed fuel surge bunker situated close to the boiler plant.


Shavings Storage

McAlpines Ltd, Rangiora, New Zealand

McAlpines were already dumping wood shavings and the new planer mill they had purchased would increase this waste. It was decided to use the shavings as bio-fuel in the energy plant, in turn reducing the consumption of coal on site.

In association with Windsor Engineering Group, who supplied the shavings extraction and conveying system, BEL offered a 275 m3 storage silo complete with discharge screw. This would store the shavings and supply them as required to the boiler fuel feed system.


1500m³ Biomass Fuel Storage Bunker

Nelson Pine Industries Ltd, Richmond, Nelson, New Zealand

Nelson Pine Industries Ltd is the largest MDF plant in the World. A major expansion to include a Laminated Veneer Lumber Plant (LVL) on the same site in 2001 required an additional 20 MW Easteel Energy Plant and additional fuel storage.

Brightwater Engineers designed, built and commissioned a 1500m3 capacity Saxlund International push floor bunker. Fully automated, the bunker feeds the 20 MW Easteel Energy Plant with wood waste fuel at a rate of up to 50 m3 per hour.


Biomass Fuel Management Systems

This document contains real world examples of Biomass Fuel Management Systems provided by Brightwater Engineering