Brightwater 2800-H Grapple

The Brightwater PLC Air Control System delivers precision logging by
providing the Yarder operator increased speed and accuracy.
The system allows operators to swap between Grapple, Carriage or Scabbing
with the simple press of a button and gives operators the ability to locate the
next log with audible and visual indicators. The Brightwater PLC Air Control
System also has line tension monitoring and individual drum control. Trouble
shooting is made easy through using the visual test points screen and alarm

The Brightwater Grapple is engineered specifically for New Zealand logging conditions and features a 2.8 metre wide opening, heavy Bisalloy construction and induction hardened pins. The Grapple’s Jaw is also shaped to provide excellent log bunching. Using 7/8” ropes and manganese wear components the Brightwater Grapple delivers consistent performance and reliability in any New Zealand logging condition. All Brightwater products are supported with full service and parts back up.

To enquire, please contact Brightwater Sales
Phone: 03 543 5325