The Brightwater Ripper

The Ripper 2140TD uses a revolutionary patented design for reduction in the waste wood and recycling industries. The Ripper Vertical Shaft Cutter (VSC) is a primary grinder, shredder and screening plant all in one compact unit.


Features & Benefits:

  • High capacity production, up to 200m3 (260yds3) per hour
  • Maximum feed size 1200mm (48”) diameter
  • Screen area of 5.5m2 (60ft2) horizontal & vertical
  • Cutting blades easily accessible and quick to change
  • Interchangeable screens ranging from 30mm to 300mm
  • Maximum mobility, low ground pressure crawler tracks


  • Bonnet and feed in chute
  • Magnetic head pulley for conveyor with magnetic take off rail and discharge chute

Ripper 2140TD          
Weight (est)
Transport Length
Transport Width
Transport Height

31,500 Kg (70,000lbs)
10.70m (34’ 9”)
3.06m (10’ 0”)
3.88m (12’ 9”)
CAT C13 - 415HP

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