A bright future for Brightwater in Engineering, Manufacturing and Services.

Nelson-based Brightwater has evolved from a small general engineering workshop in the Brightwater farming and small industrial region at the top of South Island that, in 1979 had five employees clocking in each working day.

Following a recent reorganisation and rebranding exercise, Brightwater has three divisions: Brightwater Engineering (formerly known as Brightwater Engineers) continues to represent about 65-70 percent of the revenue and activities of Brightwater; Brightwater Manufacturing (formerly SCS) with some 20 percent; and Brightwater Services (new entity grown from Brightwater Engineers) with 15 percent. The latter two are expected to grow extensively in the next few years, as that split becomes more balanced.

Today Brightwater is one of our leading multi-disciplinary industrial corporations delivering innovative bespoke solutions, and employing some 300 people in operations across Australasia – Nelson, Auckland, West Coast, Christchurch, Melbourne, the Gold Coast and Perth -- as it starts to rapidly fulfil the vision of its founder Hugh Grey.

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