Zero Harm

We believe all accidents are preventable. Our stakeholders expect us to provide a safe working environment for our people and we take this expectation extremely seriously. Each and every day, we are determined to send all of our people home to their families in a safe condition.

Zero Harm is one of Brightwater’s core values and achieving this is a fundamental part of our business strategy and future growth. Brightwater Engineering has evolved as a company and part of this development is increasing our internal capability to consistently achieve Zero Harm. Through providing visible leadership, challenging attitudes and behaviours, communicating health and safety responsibilities; educating our people on emergency preparedness and controlling hazards to the lowest possible impact point, we achieve a world class health and safety culture and environment.

In order to achieve Zero Harm we have introduced the following initiatives:

  • Measuring senior leadership attendance at toolbox and health and safety meetings.
  • Measuring volume of Near Hits and Hazards reported per month with controls highlighted in monthly health and safety reports.
  • Full Health and Safety Inductions for new employees and reinduction of all existing employees.
  • Pre-employment medical and drug and alcohol testing for all employees.
  • Safety Alert procedures to build awareness of potential hazards.
  • Internal task forces create and review all fatal risk protocols to increase employee awareness, identify potential root causes of injuries or fatalities and make absolutely sure that our people understand the control mechanisms required when facing a potentially fatal hazard.
  • A Health and Safety participation scheme including a Health and Safety Steering Group consisting of the Senior Leadership Team, a Health and Safety Forum nominated by our respective location’s Health and Safety Committees and nominated Health and Safety Representatives that form this Health and Safety Committee at each location.
  • Safety interaction tours where our managers conduct workplace visits and interact with employees in their workplace on safe work practices, hazard identification, what we can do better with regard to health and safety and demonstrating that each individual’s safety is important to us.
  • Annual Health and Safety survey measuring employee health and safety engagement.
  • Optional annual flu vaccination available to all our employees.
  • Procedures to interface with our clients’ H&S systems