Holcim Australia Ltd


Turnkey Delivery of an automated rail receival and unloading system using RFID technology to process 2500 tonnes of aggregate per hour


18 months from initial design to practical completion



In a key strategic step to future proof the supply of construction materials to the Sydney metropolitan area, Holcim Australia commissioned the development of a Regional Distribution Centre (RDC) in the Sydney suburb of Rooty Hill. The RDC receives construction materials (sand and aggregates) via rail and stores these materials ready for distribution to Sydney based customers. The majority of the aggregate and sand product is provided by Holcim’s newly built Lynwood quarry situated 160km south of Sydney.



In May 2013, Brightwater was awarded the contract to deliver the full engineering design, construction, installation and commissioning of the facility to receive, unload, and store product delivered by rail. This included the full automation and electrical design for the plant.

The entire project management, and design work, was carried out by Brightwater’s New Zealand based staff. Operating 24 hours a day, seven days per week, the system processes up 2500 tonnes per hour and is able to unload and store 36 wagons of aggregate and or sand within 90 minutes.

The Brightwater automation and electrical team designed an automated rail receival and unloading system using RFID technology to recognise each individual wagon of product before transporting the material to allocated storage areas. A bespoke product tracking system was installed to enable Holcim to track the product as it is travelling through the conveyor system. This allows for a higher product throughput due to less dead belt space on conveyors and prevents contamination between products. A moisture addition system was also developed to allow the product to be conditioned as well as minimising the impact of dust on site.

The project was completed in mid-2015 with final commissioning taking place during August 2015.