ABC Tissue


Comprehensive upgrade of the 8P1 High Speed Toilet Roll Packaging machine, including rewriting machine code and updating SCADA


3 months



ABC Tissue Products are an Australasian toilet tissue manufacturer with a facility in South Auckland. Brightwater’s Electrical and Automation team were contracted to perform a comprehensive upgrade of an 8P1 High Speed Toilet Roll packaging machine. The 8P1 is an Italian manufactured machine that splits the bulk reams of tissue into standard toilet rolls, which are then collated into individual rolls, wrapped in plastic and palletised ready for distribution to retailers.



The scope of the upgrade included replacing the old controller with a safety PLC, installing new servo systems and implemented production and downtime monitoring. Brightwater’s automation team wrote all the code for the machine logic, motor controls and the SCADA for the machine. This resulted in improved functionality and performance as well as meeting Category 3 and the new EN ISO 13849-1 safety performance level requirements.

Brightwater also re-documented the machine’s operation and software to make fault finding a lot easier, produced all new electrical drawings, an operator manual, a training manual and provided the training for the operators to run the machine. To increase the efficiency of the machine, Brightwater’s engineers were able to embed current operators’ knowledge in the updated machine controls, enabling a greater number of staff who could then operate it. A general safety upgrade of the machine was also performed at the same time.