Nelson Pine Ltd


Maintenance & Repair work


Two weeks



Nelson Pine Industries Ltd manufacture MDF and LVL board at their site in Richmond. Brightwater provides maintenance and repair services to Nelson Pine for routine scheduled maintenance including annual plant shutdowns. Teams of fitters and fabricators are allocated tasks across the site, dismantling, inspecting and repairing a large range of specialised industrial equipment. One of the recent major repairs undertaken during the annual Christmas week shutdown was to repair damaged plate and pipe in a thermal oil heat exchanger.



The heat exchanger vessel was stripped down to access the damaged areas and temporary support structures and work platforms were installed. Sections of heat and corrosion damaged plate and pipe were removed and replaced as required. High grade plate was procured ahead of the shutdown so plates could be cut in rolled ready for the site work. Refractory and insulation was replaced in the repaired areas and the vessel recommissioned.

This work was performed on a very tight schedule and required running two shifts of engineers to complete the work on time.