Zero Harm is one of Brightwater’s core values and achieving this is a fundamental part of our business. Our people have a safe, efficient and practical approach to Health & Safety and we are proud to consistently achieve well above the industry average in independent third-party Health & Safety assessments.

Brightwater has significant experience in undertaking both large and small scale projects and this gives us the internal structure, processes and support staff to create a strong Health & Safety culture and performance.

All work carried out by Brightwater is done in accordance with our practical Health & Safety policies and monitored by our Health & Safety Advisor. Our safety record translates into lower insurance and liability rates and therefore reduced costs and risks to our clients.

In order to achieve our goal of Zero Harm Brightwater have the following in house initiatives:

  • Full Health & Safety inductions for new employees and re-induction of all existing employees.
  • Encouragement of all employees to report hazards and near misses with monthly reporting on improvement initiatives to reduce the hazards.
  • Staff training and up skilling to ensure all staff on site are appropriately qualified and skilled for the task they are performing.
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA) review prior to commencing new tasks.
  • Safety Alert procedures to build awareness of potential hazards.
  • Pre-Employment and Annual Health Monitoring including Respirator Fit Testing to reduce health risks to our employees.
  • Good quality PPE including Air Fed welding helmets and Petzl helmets for work at heights.
  • Optional annual flu vaccination available to all our employees.

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