Electrical Installation and Automation

The reliability and performance of electrical assets are critical to operational success. Brightwater Engineering provides a full range of industrial electrical services nationwide from the construction of new installations to ongoing maintenance contracts.

Type Of Work

Skilled technicians execute the installation of grounding systems in accordance with the designed plan. This includes the installation of ground rods, conductors and other components to establish a robust earthing infrastructure that enhances equipment safety and protects personnel. This includes measuring resistance, and impedance, ensuring that the earthing system meets the specified performance criteria.

Our skilled installation team, comprising experienced electricians and technicians, execute the on-site installation works. This involves the assembly and installation of transformers, switchgear, circuit breakers and other critical components according to the approved design. We ensure that the substation installation complies with relevant electrical codes, industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Our skilled installation team is equipped to handle the installation of HV cables and associated equipment. From cable pulling to termination and splicing, we ensure precision and adherence to safety protocols during the entire installation process. We conduct insulation resistance tests, partial discharge measurements and other diagnostic tests to ensure the reliability and integrity of the installed high-voltage cables.

Whether it's medium-voltage or high-voltage cables, our team ensures seamless cable joints with a focus on durability and minimal electrical losses. These techniques ensure optimal electrical performance and mechanical strength in cable joint applications.

This may include upgrading to modern switchgear, incorporating smart technologies or enhancing overall capacity. Our skilled technicians execute the switchboard changeout with efficiency and precision. This involves disconnecting existing systems, installing the new switchboards and ensuring a seamless transition with minimal downtime.

HV Inspection and Testing services involve the development and implementation of comprehensive inspection protocols. Our technicians conduct visual inspections, thermal imaging and other diagnostic procedures to assess the condition of high-voltage systems. Detailed inspection and testing reports are provided, outlining the findings, recommendations and compliance status of the high-voltage systems. This documentation serves as a valuable reference for maintenance planning and regulatory compliance.

Skilled electricians execute the installation of electrical systems and equipment. Whether it's a new installation or upgrades to existing systems, we prioritise safety, efficiency and compliance with local electrical codes.

Brightwater Electrical Installation and Automation Services

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